Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soal dan Jawap

Q : Last things you do before go to bed?
A : watch korean drama

Q : First things you do when you wake up?
A : Smile

Q : Do you have bestie?
A : Ade ker?? mcm tak je.. sbb kwn baik betul2 baik.. mmg aku tak tau ada ke tak...

Q : What did you do when you get upset?
A : Went to toilet n cry or I might scream

Q : Can you cook?
A : Yes... Most everything...

Q : What you hate the most?
A : People that love to lie..

Q : How do you describe yourself
A : Cute hehehe

Q : Name one thing that can make you smile
A : May parents smile..

Q : What do you miss the most?
A : childhood

Q : Did a person cross your mind just know? Who is it
A : Nisa.. coz just read her blog

Q : Did you enjoy your life
A : indeed...

Q : Have you thought of suicide
A : No....

Q : What thing that you always do
A : Sleep

Q : Do you enjoy answer this question?
A : Mungkin...enjoy.. coz tgh tak ada keje kan..



  1. knp saya tak pernah nampak awk senyum bila bangun tidur pun? sy hanya nampak awk muncungkan mulut dan tanya
    "pukul berapa dah"

  2. hahhaha... tu dulu.. skang saye dah tak mcm tu...